Story telling

Everything started when they were children. Melissa and Maurine are two sisters with two different characters, but who still have one thing in common: their imagination!
Their overflowing – sometimes invasive – daydream kept them going and gave birth to a friend, a sister, a confidante…
« Alright, we’ll give her a name but she only exists in your head, not in real life! »

These words ushered in the birth of their alter ego, whom their mother called MAZARINE.
An imaginary friend who played in their games, always ready to stop the boredom while soothing their fears and conflicts.
This “other” who took root in each of them, encouraged them to do their best over the years.

These young dreamy adventurers became curious women.
And from all this boundless imagination was born… creativity!
To create is to offer others a part of our inner world…
When they became mothers in their turn, Melissa and Maurine wanted to share this universe, their childhood filled with travel and adventure.
Today, they are inspired by their own children and the world around them, eager for incredible stories, breathtaking landscapes and fantastic animals with soft fur.

Let Mazarine transport you and plunge into their imaginary world…

Our designs

Mazarine and I is a friendship, or rather a family story.
We wanted to create a French brand of linen dedicated to babies, children and parents, in a bohemian-chic style.
We got plenty of inspiration, and we particularly like working with vintage, ethnic, and handmade prints.

We have 3 production lines:

  • MAZARINE & MOI is internationally focused. We carry out a lot of work with our regular supplier, who applies himself to realize the products we have imagined and designed with the utmost rigor.
  • MAISON MAZARINE, rather focused on craftsmanship and exclusivity, which will be designed with partners in our region, such as the ADAPEI workshops.
    This is our top-of-the-range line which is « made in France » and embodies the authentic French know-how;
  • Do It Yourself and selling patterns accessible to all.

At Mazarine & Moi, our products and services have a high added value, with a top of the range positioning and some services open to all, as well as others totally accessible (DIY).

We are keen to share our experience, our creativity and our requirements for our little imagination heroes.

The workshop

Melissa is a stylist, graduate of the prestigious fashion school ESMOD PARIS in the new luxury fashion section.

Maurine studied literature and cinema, and has a real passion for fashion. She masters both the influence and social networks.

In 2015, with her fashion diploma, Melissa had her first job in a prestigious design house, but she quickly felt the need for freedom and wanted to create her brand, inspired by her children.
She immediately found a perfect agreement with Maurine who cultivate the art of staging and creation:
Melissa gives the inspirations, Maurine writes the score.

Together, they collaborate closely and embark on a great adventure: unite their talents to launch their own brand, putting art and travel at the heart of their creation.
This is how Mazarine & Moi was born in 2020, with products based on form, built on service and focused on style.

Our inspiration

At Mazarine, each creation is unique, which is why we imagined and produced exclusive small series you won’t find anywhere else.

Each of our collections is declined in several themes inspired by the diversity of fabrics, embroideries, traditional hand-drawn prints, and the treasures of craftsmanship, all of which contribute to the imaginary journey we wish to invite you to.

We draw this richness from nature, from the street, from our history and we play with mixing styles, influences and eras, so as to always surprise you.

Values and Know-how

We have at heart to share our experience, creativity and requirements to serve our little imaginary heroes.
A wonderful environment for children, based on the trust of mothers with the use of more ecological and better quality raw materials; more responsible working conditions and more local production; as well as more eco-friendly production techniques.

Cotton, linen, silk, wool, are the noble and natural materials we use most regularly to give our creations the perfect shape.
We play with textures and develop new prints with our collaborators. This season, we spent several months working together to develop the choice of materials and prints with ideal proportions and to find the best way to highlight them.

Requirement has no reason to be, it stands above all reasons.
Mazarine & Moi a creative and committed experience.