Our team


Artist, intuitive and persevering, Mélissa is a designer like no other ! Her thinking is arboreal and his listening, attentive. Not quite shy, full of audacity, she likes to develop collections that tell a story, weave links between fashion, art and travel to give life to a singular and unique vision refocused on essentials. Determined, she trusts her instincts and always follows her intuition to make the best decisions.



Self-taught, creative and sociable, Maurine always responds when it comes to working with passion and love. Managing several different but ultimately complementary fronts, she manages to juggle tasks and find a solution to each problem. A slack? Maurine will always be there to restore your self-confidence and boost you so that you can smile and cheer up again.



Ultra positive, talented and applied, Carla is a concentrate of energy. Mature, she knew how to impose herself by her young age by showing an unfailing professionalism. She naturally transmits her good mood. Epicurean, she attaches great importance to the simple pleasures of life and her loved ones.



Passionate, solar and perfectionist, Chloé overflows with imagination ! She throws herself into projects that mean to her. Creative, she is never short of ideas and always bounces back in the face of adversity. She exudes a positive energy thanks to her outgoing attitude and always listening to others.


Our know-how

Real French know-how

All development and production stages of our exclusive and limited Maison Mazarine collection are made in France.

We are proud to manufacture this high-end collection in France, within our workshop located in Clermont-Ferrand.

This local manufacturing process allows us to encourage a local network, to act for the revitalization, the safeguarding and the valorisation of our workshops and national know-how.

Manufacturing in France means supporting our economy and preserving and creating jobs.

Made in Istanbul

The manufacturing of the Mazarine et moi line is handled by craftsmen specialized in high-end clothing.

Our workshops are located in Istanbul, the cradle of fabrics. We regularly visit these workshops and cultivate a relationship of trust and transparency with our various partners, which guarantees total transparency on their manufacturing processes.

Limited quantities

Toutes nos pièces sont produites dans des quantités limitées afin de minimiser la surproduction, et les stocks inutiles.

All our items are produced in limited quantities in order to minimize overproduction and unnecessary stocks.

Please note: The ‘Stock Alert’ button that pops up when a product is sold out allows you to be notified in case of customer return. This also helps us adjust our quantities for the coming collections.

This can also sometimes allow some popular pieces to be back in stock! 😉


To ensure that we produce the right quantity and avoid overproduction, we have set up a pre-order system for some items that are manufactured depending on the amount of demands.

Natural fabric

We prioritize the use of natural fabrics for our collections, to ensure that we offer the best to our babies and children.


Buying upcycling fabrics allows us to consume in a more sustainable way while limiting the impact on the planet. Indeed, it helps reduce the stock of fabrics from fashion houses to create new pieces, and also allows to reduce the environmental impact of the clothing industry.

Verified factories

100% of our factories are audited regularly.


Oeko-tex and EcoVero.

Behind these strange names stand a list of certifications that guarantee that our fabrics are healthy for our children and eco-friendly for our planet. These global standards regulate the entire production process and require that all components of the final product are tested at all stages of processing.

Our favorite materials

Natural materials

We prioritize natural materials for our collections as they are more respectful of the environment.

This choice sounds like an evidence for the health of our children.

Organic cotton

We mostly use organic cotton cultivated without GMO, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Its water consumption is also greatly reduced compared to conventional cotton.

Notre partenaire

« Not a choice, a crush. »

Polyvalence – Human Scale – Technicality – Job Inclusion

« Mazarine and I believe that encouraging diversity and inclusion is not just about saying the right things and having the right intentions. It also comes down to taking action, at every stage, to build together. »


Adapei 63 : A parental and activist association

Our collaboration with ADAPEI 63 is concrete proof of our commitment and state of mind.

Disabled people offer companies and industry unique opportunities in terms of diversity, workforce and corporate culture.

Getting fair treatment from others, and eliminating the belief that people with disabilities are not healthy or are less able to do things, are part of the values we want to promote.

Values matter

Making the frontier of corporate social responsibility more transparent and human.

We are pleased to work closely with a work assistance establishment (ADAPEI) in Clermont-Ferrand meant to integrate disabled adults into the professional world.

The establishment is divided into workshops dedicated to specific teams. This reduced unit size allows us to ensure technicality and flexibility within the services required, especially for our packaging.